Women Helping Women Charity Fashion Parade and Cocktail Reception


The Executive Residence, Australian Embassy Jakarta
26 October 2019, 4-6 pm

Thirty one women and seven men from the local Indonesian, expat and diplomatic communities and from our Australian Embassy, Jakarta community came forward to volunteer to grace the calk walk for charity wearing the Ghost Orchid Private Collection. Over 200 hundred guests including VIPs and volunteer crew came to spend the afternoon at the Exec Residence of Allaster Cox, the Deputy Ambassador to help to raise funds to help to improve the lives of women in the marginalised local communities and the lives of their families.

 All the funds raised from this event will go towards SAPA Institute (Sentra Adovkasi Perempuan dan Anak – Advocacy Centre for Women and Children), one of our MAMPU (Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment) partners. SAPA will use the funds to train new women leaders in the community women’s groups and to provide services to 100 women victims of sexual violence, trafficking and domestic violence.

All the apparels featured in the Charity Fashion Parade are one-of-a-kind pieces, homemade, and with textiles sourced from the local industries. The Ghost Orchid batik fabric in one of the collections is produced by Rumah Batik, a community staffed mostly by women with speech and/or hearing impairment.

 In conjunction with the Charity Fashion Parade, was the launch of ‘Just Smile & Watch the Passing Clouds and Other Stories’, a fashion inspired art book. You can immerse in the visual stories which feature an anthology of poems about clouds, dinosaurs, birds, modernist art, artistically translated into the Ghost Orchid Private Collection. This publication is a limited edition of 200 copies only.